Sean Dower: Artworks and information

Photo by Justin Westover 2006

Born 1965, Walsall (UK) - Lives and works in London

Sean Dower produces works in sculpture, photography, film, live performance and sound. Much of his work draws on his historical involvement in live performance.

Dower was active in the UK, industrial music scene of the early 1980s and then worked with the radical performance art group Bow Gamelan Ensemble. He studied Sculpture at Camberwell School of Art and Design and then attended the Rijksakademie van Beeldenden Kunsten in Amsterdam. He has been presenting his work internationally in galleries, museums and other contexts since the early 1990's and has been engaged in music and live performance since 1983

For his first solo exhibition, at Matt's Gallery in London in 1997, Dower produced a site-specific, '3D' Zombie film (No Room in Hell).

Exhibitions and performances have included:
On Air / Off Air - Beaconsfield Arts (London UK) - 2015
The Voyeur - De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill UK) - 2012
Musik für Barbaren und Klassiker - Netwerk Centre (Aalst Belgium) - 2010
The British Art Show - IKON Gallery (Birmingham UK) - 2007
Single Shot - Tate Britain (UK) - 2006
Break it Down - A Performance - Timothy Taylor Gallery (London UK) - 2006
New Video Art from Great Britain - MOMA New York (USA) - 1998
No Room in Hell - Matt's Gallery (London UK) - 1997
Against - Anthony d'Offay Gallery (London UK) - 1997

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Curriculum Vitae

BA hons (Sculpture) Camberwell School of Art (1988 - 1991)
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam (1993 - 1995)

Solo Exhibitions:
2015 -
  ON AIR. Beaconsfield, London UK
2012 -  De
La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea. UK
          -  Gallery Vela, London UK
2011 -  Southard Reid Gallery, London. UK

2008 - 'K48 Presents' Vienna, Austria
2001 -  Project Space, Centraal Museum, Utrecht. NL.
          -  'Audiopathology', W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, NL.
1999 -  'Other Spaces', Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium.
1998 -  'Rorschach' Exedra, Hilversum, Netherlands.
           -  'Room in Hell', Matt’s Gallery, London UK (one week solo exhibition for 'Backspace’)
1997 -  Portfolio Kunst AG, Vienna.
1997 -  'No Room in Hell'. 
Matt's Gallery, London UK (review in Frieze magazine)

Group Exhibitions:
2016  -  AUTONOMY - Gallery 46, Whitechapel London
           -  ResonanceEXTRA (radio shows). Gravity Waves - 26th March 2016 & 28th May 2016
2015  - The Greatest Show on Earth. Shoreditch, London. 14-17 October 2015, with Kieron Leonard and 1234 records
           -  Dear Serge - Offsite at Project 78, St Leonards (with De la Warr Pavilion) UK.
           -  POOL - Cafe Gallery Projects, London
           -   Strangelove Media Festival. Central St Martins, London UK.
2014  - 
Revolver II (with Craig Barnes). Live transmision - Matt's Gallery, London
           - Monomania Festival. Aid & Abet & Cambridge Junction. Cambridge, UK
           -  '/seconds' - Sharjah Art Foundation 11.10.14 – 10.12.14
           -  Interview with Bruce McLean, video screened at Firstsite, Colchester UK
2013  - The World in a Box, A Bittersweet Salon. Margate, UK
           -  Constructed with Intention. Cornelius Foundation, Lagamas France
           -  El Ganzo hotel (2 permananent commissions) Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico
           -  DISCONNECTED (The left hand doesn't know...) - Baltic 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
           -  Body Politic - The Art of Performnce. Arts Pavilion Bournemouth (Screening)
           -  Shape Gallery, London.
2012  -  Hair of the Dog. Block 336, London, UK
           -  One Take Film Festival - Zagreb, Croatia
           -  Change the World or Go Home - Solent Showcase, Southampton, UK
2011  -  Change the World or Go Home - Downstairs Gallery, Great Brampton House, Herefordshire, UK

           -  'Dimensions in British Contemporary Art’, various venues – India
           -  Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. UK
2010  -  'A Snowball Effect’ Mains d’Oeuvres St Ouen. France
           -  'Taps: Improvisations with Paul burwell' Matt's Gallery at Dilston Grove, London
           -  'Keep me Posted', Posted Projects London
'Musik fur Barbaren und Klassiker' Netwerk Centrum, Aalst. Belgium
           -  'Riff-Raff', Q - Lower John Street, London. UK
'PARTY!'- The New Art Gallery Walsall. UK
           -  'Film / Video / Performance' Wimbledon Space, London. UK
2009  -  ‘Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show’ - London. UK
           -  ‘Röck’ Galerie Erich Mircher, Paris

2008  - 'Brown Noise'. Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery, London. UK
           -  ‘Party at the Moontower’. Road Agent Gallery, Dallas. USA
'Noise' George Rodger Gallery, Maidstone. UK
           -  ‘Nothing Moments’ Public Trust Gallery, Dallas. USA
2007  -  ‘Post Paolo Futurum’ Museum of Breda, Breda. Netherlands
           -  ‘Nothing Moments’ Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles. USA
           -  ‘Nothing Moments’ Silvermann Gallery, San Francisco. USA
           -  ‘Screenshow’ Meeting House Square. Dublin
           -  ‘Single-shot’ Various venues in UK & Ireland
2006  -  ‘Single-shot’ Tate Britain, London. UK         
           -  ‘Public Utilities’ South London Gallery (screening for Chris Burden exhibition)
           - ‘Summertime’ David Patton Los Angeles. USA
2005  -  'Speedorama', Drive in Cinema, Oslo & Touring, Norway                 
           -  'Wonderings', The Great Unsigned, 47 Great Eastern Street, London. UK
           -  ‘Les Merveilles du Monde’, Dunkerque Museum of Fine Arts. France
           -  ‘Ab Ovo’, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA. USA
2004  -  ‘A Temporary Monument to David McComb’ STUK, Leueven. Belgium
           -  ‘Video Hits, Art & Music Video’. Queensland Art Gallery. Australia.
           -  ‘Artist’s Films on Music Culture’. National Film Theatre, London UK.
           -  ‘Clerkenwell Film and Video Festival’ (London) - The Story of Dick Donkeys Dawn.
              (Short-listed for The Ken Russell short film award)
           -  ‘Schabbernak’ - Netwerk Gallerie, Aalst. Belgium (with guy Bar-Amotz).
2003  - ‘The Greatest show on Earth’ Metropolitan Galleries, Folkestone. UK
2002  -  ‘Us and Them’, Great Eastern Hotel. London UK.
           -  ‘Air Guitar’, Milton Keynes Gallery (And touring UK)
           -  ‘Song Poems’ Rosamund Felson Gallery, Los Angeles. USA
2001  -  ‘Century City’ (Flag), Tate Modern, London. UK
           -  ‘Song Poems’, Leslie Cohen & Brown Gallery, New York. USA
2000  -  ‘Become Like Me’, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh (& touring)
           -  ‘Point of View’, Richard Salmon Gallery, London. UK
           -  ‘Video Art from Great Britain’ - Sao Paolo, Brasil and touring South America.
1999  -  ‘Touch of Evil’ – Metronom (Foundation Raphael Tous) Barcelona. Spain
           -  ‘Pallid House’, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam. NL
           -   Rosamund Felson Gallery, Los Angeles. USA
           -  ‘Fourth Wall’, Outdoor screening - South Bank Centre, London. UK
           -  ‘to be continued >.’ - Walsall Museum and Art Gallery. UK
1998  -  ‘New Video Art from Great Britain’. Museum of Modern Art, New York. USA
           -  ‘Places to Stay’, Bureau Friedrich, Berlin. Germany
           -  ‘UK Maximum Diversity’ - Gallerie Krinzinger, Vienna & Bregenz, Austria
           -  ‘Backspace’ - Matt’s Gallery, London. UK
1997  -  Gallerie Krinzinger, Vienna. Austria.
           -  Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media. Canada.
           -  ‘Sean sells subliminals’ - Factual Nonsense – Live Stock Market, London. UK
1996  -  ‘I Beg To Differ’ - Milch Gallery, London. UK
           -  ‘Against’ - Anthony D’Offay Gallery, London. UK
           -  ‘Rational Behaviour’ The Tannery, London. UK (Curator & exhibitor)
           -  ‘Pandemonium’. ICA, London. UK
1995  -  ‘Lost Property’ - W139 Gallery, Amsterdam & The Lost Goods Building, London. UK
              (Co-curator / exhibitor)    
1991  -  ‘SAFE’  - Regent’s Wharfe, London. UK
           -  '15/1', Melania Basarab, London. UK

Audio releases and air-play:
2016  - 'IOS' - electronic music. Digital album release by Sonofapup (also on soundcloud)
           - ResonanceEXTRA with the Spirit of Gravity (radio). Gravity Waves - 28th May 2016
           - ResonanceEXTRA with the Spirit of Gravity (radio). Gravity Waves - 26th March 2016
2014  - 'Minotaur' - electronic noise music. Digital album release by Sonofapup (also on soundcloud)
2013  - The Curfew Recordings (1984). CD release, March 2013 on Harbinger Sound - HARBINGER110
2012  - Death Magazine 52 (archive release) - double vinyl disc, 2012 on Harbinger Sound ‎– HARBINGER078
2010  - The Ultimate Brown Sound Record - 12 inch brown vinyl record. Produced with Netwerk Centrum, Belgium.
2005  - 'sɜrbərəs' - electronic music 2001-2003. Digital album release by Sonofapup (also on soundcloud)
2000  - '1st Generation' - electronic music 1995-2000. Digital album release by Sonofapup (also on soundcloud)

2016  - Linear Obsessional at Vinyl Deptford, London
2014  - Monomania. Aid & Abet / Cambridge Junction. Cambridge, UK.
2013 - '1513 A Ship's Opera' Thames Festival - London, UK.
2013 - Performance - commissioned by the Cornelius Foundation, Lagamas France
2012 - 'The Voyeur' (series of 3 performances on St Simeon's drum riser) at de la warr pavilion - Bexhill, UK.
2011 - Late at Tate. Performance by Bag of Blood at Cabaret Apocalyptica
2010 - Cabaret Futura. The Paradise Club - London. UK
          - Live soundtrack/performance for a film by Charlotte Moth. At Halle Fuer Kunst, Lüneburg. Germany
          - 'Donder op Dender (a blizzard of noise). Netwerk Centrum, Aalst. Belgium

2009 - ‘Röck’ (The Horns of Dilemma) - Galerie Erich Mircher, Paris. France
2008 - ‘Ghost Drummer’ – Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery, London. UK.
2007 - ‘20 pieces of silver’ – IKON Gallery, Birmingham. UK.
          - ‘Tribute / Wake’ for Paul Burwell (1949-2007), State 51, London. UK
          - ‘3 on the floor’ - The Klinker, London. UK
2006 - ‘Break it Down’. Timothy Taylor Gallery, London. UK (With Richard Wilson)
          - ‘Rational Lo-Tech’, Bethnal Green Working Men’s club, London. UK
          - ‘Four on the Floor’ – 'How to improve the world', Hayward Gallery, London. UK.
          - ‘Drum duet II’ – Barbican Curve Gallery, London. UK(with Richard Wilson)
2005 - ‘Audio Addiction’, Curator & performer - Delfina Studios, London. UK
           (With Guy Bar-Amotz, z’ev, Natsuki Uruma, Richard Wilson)
2004 -‘Drum Duet’. With R. Wilson. Wapping Pumping Station, London. UK
The mobile DJ (with G.B.Amotz) - For the exhibition Schabbernak at Netwerk Gallerie, Aalst. Belgium
2002 - Performance for ‘Song Poems’ exhibition - Palace Theatre, Los Angeles. USA
1999 - Live Stock Market, Factual Nonsense, Southbank, London. UK(Drum Tent with R. Wilson)
1997 - 1999 - ‘Dick Donkeys Dawn’ - The band (with G. Starr and O. Hangl).
1996 - 1997 - Interspecies Lovechild, (with Matthew Collins) Touring.
1988 - 1991 - Member of Bow Gamelan Ensemble, touring internationally (with Paul Burwell, Anne Bean, Richard Wilson)

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Lecturing since 1996:
Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London UK
Chelsea College of Art and Design, London UK
University of Brighton UK
Goldsmiths College, London UK
Sotheby's Institute, London UK
Paco das Artes, Sao Paolo, Brazil
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
Academy of Fine Arts Oslo, Norway