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Automaton. 2006
HD video with sound. 6 min loop.

Automaton is an elegently choreographed tracking shot around the black and chromed curves of a drum kit, following a dynamic drum 'solo' by Steve Noble.
Shot in one continuous take using a Viper HD FilmStream Camera and motion control technology.

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Automaton 1

Automaton - still from HD video


Zou Zou's Mime. 1993 - 2006
Based on a found U-matic video tape. 4.30 min

A mime from cabaret clown Zou Zou's performance was reconstructed as a sculptural space (incorporating the original video from 1985) and has been exhibited internationally since 1993. The film was also screened on the side of London's National Theatre in 1999. The artist located Zou Zou in 1999 and invited him to see the sculpture, when it was exhibited in Antwerp.

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No Room in Hell (Absent Qualia). 1997
Site specific, 3D polarized video projection. 17 min

No Room in Hell follows the descent of a group of Zombies on an Art Gallery in East London. Shot digitally in 3D and seen through polarizing glasses, the video engages the viewer in an expanded cinematic experience. Alongside physicality and spectacle, the work explores Zombie consciousness in culture and questions the consumption of art.
In colour with sound.
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No room


Clothes Recycling Video. 1996
DVD with sound. 28 min, looping.

The artist climbs into a series of clothes recycling containers on the streets of South London. Life on the outside continues and several minutes later the artist emerges transformed, wearing a new set of clothes found inside. Through the act of recycling, a subtle displacement of identity has taken place.
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Hot MusicHot music

Hot Music. 1993
SVHS transfer to DVD with sound. 4 min

Filmed in a single take, the artist climbs onto a white plinth and
mimes to a toy drum-machine, which is manipulated live to camera. The invisible but spatially consistent drum kit almost hovers before us, as the drummer plays along to the shifting patterns of the amplified toy. Normally exhibited on a monitor on a plinth, ‘Hot Music’ has also been performed live to audience.

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Hot Music

The New Museum, Walsall 2010

Power & Light

Power and Light (снага и светлост) - 1990
B&W Super 8 film, transfer to video. 4 mins

Power and Light is a top to bottom, interior study of a derelict power station in Belgrade. It was filmed whilst preparing for a live performance with the Bow Gamelan in the same building. Text at end of film was written by the late Paul Burwell for the Final Academy, London 1982. Included in: TAPS - Improvisations with Paul Burwell - Matt's Gallery 2010.

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Power station 'Power & Light' - Belgrade 1990

Drug Den. 2001
Video installation with sound. DVD 5 min. Dimensions variable.

In this video, a camera attached to a remote controlled vehicle explores an area of woodland floor. As the vehicle manouvres in and around the clearing, paraphenalia of drug use becomes evident to the viewer. The video was filmed syncretically, whilst listening to an electronic music track by Sonofapup (included in the final video).

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dug den

Drug Den installation


Audiopathology. 2001
5 videos - 22 min. (Dimensions variable)

5 'music/performance' videos shown in a specially constructed space with sound insulation and safety lights.

First exhibited W139 Gallery, Amsterdam

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I want to dance

I Want to Dance. 2001

Spirit level
Spirit Level

Spirit Level. 1993
Black and white video on DVD (with ambient sound). 11.42 min

In this real-time sequence for monitor, the artist tries to maintain his balance with the glass from a spirit level attached to his forehead. From a distance the image looks almost motionless, but when the viewer looks closer, the impossibility of absolute stillness becomes apparent.

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  Spirit Level (Gallery Vela 2012)
Palm Reader

Palm Reader. 1993
Umatic video tranferred DVD (with sound). 2.10 min

In Palm Reader, the needle of a record player stylus arm
methodically explores the lines on the artist's hand.
The soundtrack relays the sound of the needle running through the lines.

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Palm Reader (Gallery Vela 2012)
Interview with Bruce McLeanBruce

Interview with Bruce McLean. 1994
VHS transfer to DVD with sound. 4 mins.

In this short film Dower interviews Bruce McLean about a spate of thefts and vandalism at an academy. The deadpan interviewer elicits increasingly comical reactions from McLean as the list of incidents grows. Laughter has an infectious effect and this video affects the viewer with its contagion.
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BMW 325i. 1994
Video projection with sound. 4.20 min.

The backdrop is London’s Bank of England and the video appears to be slowed-down CCTV footage. Made shortly after the announcement of the IRA ceasefire in 1994, this work was intended to mark the passing of a certain era of international terrorism. The threat of terrorism had seemed ever present in Britain and Northern Ireland for the previous 25 years.
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Bob's bowl & bikeBowl  

Performance experiments, Basle. 1991
Colour VHS transfer to DVD with sound. 4.37min

Video of 2 kinetic, sound works made in Basle Switzerland, whilst on tour with the Bow Gamelan.

1) Work for aluminium bowl, motor and bottle tops.
2) Work for bicycle, tabla and pressurised drum.

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3 Frame subliminalsubliminal

3 Frame Subliminal. 1997
DVD. Random play.

First distributed on VHS at the Factual Nonsense 'Live Stock Market' in Hoxton, London. The video contains a subliminal image, which appears at random every 20 to 40 seconds on an otherwise black screen. Image to left is a GIF version.

Dedicated to the memory of Philippe Bradshaw.


      Live Stock Market 1997
Bluebell wood

Bluebell wood. 1988
Black & white Super 8 film transfer to DVD. Silent. 1min.

A static camera records a section of woodland. After a time, a previously unnoticed figure leaps off a high branch and hits the ground. Dower grew up near these woods.

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Cut Flowers. 1993
Hi-8 video transferred to DVD (with ambient sound). 1.20 min

The artist stands infront of the camera clasping a bunch of
flowers. Each time he is about to speak, the video jump-cuts and only the 'outakes' are revealed. The veiwer is left wondering what sentiment is left unsaid.

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London Bridge. 1996
DVD with sound. 4 min.

A pathetic shrouded figure with a box over it's head slowly emerges from the flow of pedestrians crossing London Bridge. The busy commuters mostly avoid engaging with this irrational incursion into their habitual existence. The figure makes its way haltingly accross the bridge and out of frame.

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London Bridge

Project Breda (objects and people)

Project Breda (objects and people) 1994
B&W video. 13 sequences, 32 min.

For the group exhibition 'in collaboration with', the artist visited the all thirteen exhibitors and explored their living spaces through the small, monochrome view-finder of a video camera. Through this process, objects were chosen to be placed in the exhibition at Lokaal 01 in Breda. The objects were returned to the exhibitors when the exhibition ended.
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Something in Dutch. 1994
Single screen video. 3.10 min.

The artist noticed something strange on the street one day near his home in Amsterdam and began filming. As the film maker is confronted by the subjects he is recording, the scenario evolves into a bizarre exchange, where the viewer discovers more about the film maker than the original subjects. Filmed on Hi 8 and first exhibited at the ICA London in 'Pandemonium' (London Festival of Moving Images) in 1996. View video >


The Brown Sound
Brown video

The Brown Sound. 2010
HD Video with sound (7.24 min per side - looping)

The Ultimate Brown Sound Record is a limited edition, 12" brown vinyl record produced by the artist in 2010. The Brown Sound is a low frequency audio phenomenon and this video demonstration is installed with bass sound system in a brown viewing booth with brown carpet. View video here >

The Brown Sound installation booth

Vizualiser Videos. 2004
4 videos autogenerated from music using software plugins.

The visual patterns of the different plugins respond directly to
electronic music tracks made by sonofapup between 1995 -2001

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OMS - 2004

Curfew recordings (video reflection) 2004
DVD - 23 mins

A candle flutters in direct response to the air movements caused by a vented speaker playing music from the Curfew Recordings.
The Curfew Recordings were made in a disused industrial silo in the North East of
England in 1984.

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CD release of Curfew recordings
55ºN - 45ºE
55 degrees

55ºN - 45ºE 1998
B&W cctv video with sound. 4.37 mins

55ºN - 45ºE was installed in a room with the door fixed open at approximately 10º. Seen through a narrow gap, the video documents the out-take of an improvised music session in a sealed room - as the performers 'come down' and return to reality. Live video operation by Thomas Kvam using three cctv cameras.
With thanks to Kunstakademiet, Oslo.

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55 degrees

Installation at Krinzinger Gallery, Bregenz 1998

Live Noise Transmission

Live Noise Transmission, Monomania Festival 2014
Video highlights of performance (7.36 min)

A live performance was transmitted to a separate installation space using CCTV and a sound system. In this video, the CCTV feed is mixed with HD clips.
Recorded at Monomania Festival in Cambridge UK, March 2014.
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Sealed performance room
Mobile DJ (2012 remix)
mobile dj

The Mobile DJ (2012 remix)
Video with sound, props and synchronised light show (9 min)

The video of a performance was presented in the same space where it was recorded, alongside all the props used in its creation. The lighting from the shoot was left in-situ and continues to operate in synchronicity with the lighting in the video, creating an uncanny effect.
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Blizzard of Noise (Donder op Dender). 2010
HD Video with sound 5.35 min (edited from 29 min)

Live performance at Netwerk Centre, Belgium, featuring Sean Dower , Richard Wilson and Steve Noble. With percussion, steam whistles, caskaphones, steel marimbas, cymbals, gongs, air hooters, sirens, pyrophones, rattles, pyrotechnics etc

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Donder op Dender, Netwerk Centrum 2010

Break it Down - A performance. 2006
Limited edition DVD with sound. 26 min.

Document of a live performance by Sean Dower and Richard Wilson at the Timothy Taylor Gallery London.

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Break it Down 2006

Dick Donkeys Dawn. 1997 - 1999
DVD with sound. 5 videos - 26min.

The band ‘Dick Donkeys Dawn’, featured: Sean Dower, Oliver Hangl and Georgina Starr. From 1997 to 1999, they produced songs, music videos, live performances and a DVD edition. The documentary: The Story of Dick Donkeys Dawn, was shortlisted for the Ken Russell Short Film Award in 2004.

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