Sean Dower: Artworks and information

Photographic works
hers   unrelated   Psilocybin  
Bathrooms of the world
(series 1985 - ongoing)
  Unrelated Incidents
(b&w reportage series 1993)
  Selected Photographs   No Room in Hell 1997

Jutla   Salvation   Stereo Sculpture   Spectral Analysis
To be continued...
(3 x billboards 1999)
(series of 3D photos 1996)
  Stereo viewer sculptures
(with embeded 3D images)
  Spectral Analysis
(sound transmitting prints 2012)
Both_Sides   London Audio culture Survey   Shelter   tea cup
Both sides of the story
(newspaper photograms 1993)
  London audio culture survey
(photos with audio 1997)
  Shelter 1996   Exploding teacup photograms
(darkroom experiment 1988)

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