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ON AIR - Residency at Beaconsfield, London - 2015

On Air
Installation with 4 x electrostatic speakers - spatial recordings of improvised performances

Recordings, images and more information here:


Instruments used in the recording of ON AIR

Break it Down, A performance - London 2006

Excerpts of a live performance with percussion and visual effects.
Collaboration with the Artist Richard Wilson at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, London.

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Break down invite

Break it Down. Frieze Magazine advertisement 2006

Music in Trees - 2001



Music in Trees - video with sound, 4.28 min.

The soundtrack of Music in Trees is composed of found cassette-tape fragments, randomly
reassembled back into a cassette housing. The tape was found loose, in the streets and parks
of East London, where the video was also shot.

  Music in Trees was included in the solo exhibition 'Audiopatholgy' at W139 Gallery
(Amsterdam 2001)

In Audiopathology, 5 commissioned videos connecting sound and image were
exhibited together in a specially constructed acoustic space.

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Experiments with 2 kinetic sound sculptures, Basle. 1991




Video shot whilst on tour with the Bow Gamelan Ensemble in Switzerland.
The aluminium bowl was subsequently used in unique performances by the artist.

  Aluminium bowl, motor and bottle tops, Basle 1991  
Automaton 2006
Automaton (featuring Steve Noble). HD video with sound, 6 mins.
Steve Noble and Sean Dower on the set of Automaton 2006

Automaton is an elegently choreographed tracking shot around the black and chromed
curves of a drum kit, following a dynamic drum 'solo' by renowned improvising
percussionist, Steve Noble. Filmed in a single continuous take using a Viper HD
FilmStream Camera and motion control technology.


See page dedicated to Automaton for video, images and more information >

Ground Control 2010


Ground Control
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Ground Control (2010) - Vibrating car with low frequency soundtrack - video with sound, 1 min.

Car, fluorescent paint, low frequency soundtrack, bass drivers and UV Black light


Donder op Dender (A Blizzard of Noise) at Netwerk Centre Belgium - 2010
With Steve Noble, Richard Wilson and Sean Dower

5 min excerpt on Youtube


29 min. performance at Netwerk Centre, with percussion, steam whistles, caskaphones,
steel marimbas, cymbals, gongs, air hooters, pyrophones,sirens, rattles, and pyrotechnics.

  A Blizzard of Noise (Donder op Dender) 2010 - A Bag of Blood production
Above: Sean Dower on pyrophone, Richard Wilson on hand cranked siren.
The Ultimate Brown Sound - Listening performance at Gallery Vela (17.07.12)

Brown Sound

Brown Sound

The Ultimate Brown Sound Record was played at loud volume repeatedly for 1hour in the darkened
space of Gallery Vela in London W1. The audience loved it, the neighbours complained.

  The Ultimate Brown Sound Record (2010)
Brown Noise, 7.24 min per side...


The Mobile DJ (2012 remix) - exhibited at Block 336, Brixton, London

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Sean Dower & Guy Bar Amotz recreate the staging of a performance, originally made in Belgium
in 2004 using the electronic 'Mobile DJ' toy. The 2012 remix develops the previous performance and
exists as an installation including video, props and a live lightshow, which is perfectly synchronous
with the lightshow in the video.


Mobile DJ

The Mobile DJ is the name of the toy used in the performance, which is preprogrammed with generic
samlples and sounds. The installation looks at the idea of performance artefacts, what happens to a
performance when it is no longer 'live' - how it passes into myth, nostalgia and supposition.
Exhibited at Block 336 in 2012.


Performances on St Simeon's drum Riser - 2012
Three performances for the exhibition: 'The Voyeur' at de la warr pavilion

St Simeon St Simeon

See page dedicated to The Voyeur here


St Simeon

Above: Live CCTV feed of St Simeon's drum riser


Ghost Drummer - London 2008


Ghost Drummer

Ghost Drummer - video excerpts - 4 min. (WARNING - strobe lighting)
Performance at Neu Galleries, Redchurch Street - Shoreditch 2008

Ghost Drummer performed for several hours in the window of the darkened exhibition space.
Passers by gathered outside to experience the surreal and unanounced phenomenon, which
accompanied the exhibition Brown Noise at the same gallery.


Ghost Drummer, 2008 (photograph)

Live Noise Transmission: Monomania Festival, Cambridge UK - 2014

Video highlights of performance / installation - 7.30 min.


A performance with acoustic instruments took place in a sealed room and was monitored using a
video camera and microphones. The sound and video were transmitted to an adjascent space with
an installation - including video monitor, quad electrostatic speakers, bass monitors and foliage.

Monomania Festival was a festival of solitary and obsessive creativity held in Cambridge UK


Live Noise Transmission - sound system installation and performance - March 2014.

More information, images and video here


Performance at The Cornelius Foundation, Lagamas France - 2013
Click for edited video of performance on 24.08.13

The performance was constructed using locally sourced materials whilst on a residency at the
Cornelius Foundation in rural Languedoc. A variety of instruments and sound producing devices
were woven into a 24 minute performance combined with pyrotechnics and other visual effects.




Instruments used for the performance included a cement mixer, tuned vibraphones, gongs,
chimes, pyrophones, resonant steel sheets, pyrotechic projectiles and explosions.

Bag of Blood... LIVE at Tate Britain - 2011


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bag of blood bag of bloodbag of blood
Often featuring guest musicians, Bag of Blood emerge from the putrid landscape of waste
incineration and scrap recycling found between the cracks of South London's railway arteries.

Bag of Blood were performing at Richard Strange's Cabaret Apocalyptica for Late at Tate on 04.11.11


Performance on 04.11.11 in the 'Pre-Raphaelites' gallery


The Horns of Dilemma - Paris 2009

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The Horns of Dilemma - the set

Röck - The Horns of Dilemma (Sean Dower + Bernard Elsmere) presented by:
Hello my name is Bill at Galerie Erich Mircher, Paris.


20 Pieces of Silver - Performance at IKON Gallery, Birmingham 2007
A Bag of Blood production...
20 pieces of Silver (with Richard Wilson) images and audio recording here

Collaborative performances 2004 & 2005

7x7Click photo for slideshow
Click image for slideshowAudio addiction
Richard Wilson, z'ev and Sean Dower - performance at Delfina Studios 2005
7x7 (2004) took place on Richard Wilson's Slice of Reality.
(Seven performers and seven sequences, including Paul Burwell, z'ev, Anne Bean, Sean Dower,
Ansuman Biswas, Project Dark and Richard Wilson)

Audio Addiction (2005) was an evening of performances at Delfina Studios, London.
With Guy Bar-Amotz, Sean Dower, Natsuki Uruma, Richard Wilson and z'ev.

Schabbernak - Netwerk Centrum, Aalst Belgium 2004

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Mochilero backpacks by Guy Bar Amotz - Videos and sound Sean Dower.
The videos and sound were recorded at night in a Sri-Lankan forest, the intense insect
sounds were transmitted through the backpack speakers during the exhibition

The backpack speakers were also used for a live performance using insect sounds
and toy electronic instruments.

Dick Donkeys Dawn 1997 - 1999



Dick Donkeys Dawn live in Dornbirn, Austria 1998... See separate page on the band:

Dick Donkeys Dawn, ES Magazine August 1999
London Audio Culture Survey 1997LondonAudioCulture
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- or here for more information and all media


Above: Farringdon - Passing Alley (#7)

A series of photographs and digital audio recordings made at specific sites
across London in 1997. The recordings reflect localised sound culture and its
interaction with architecture, technology and the natural world.

Other sites included Blackfriars (#1), Brixton (#2), Camden (#3),
Chelsea (#4), Hackney (#5), Bermondsey (#6), Portabello (#8),
Regents Park (#9) and Whitechapel (#10)
- more info here
Hot Music - Amsterdam 1994




Live performance at 'Infinity Cha-Cha' - Amsterdam 1994
For this performance (and the related Hot Music video), the artist learnt all the patterns on a
pre-programmed child's toy, then manipulated the machine live, whilst miming on a spatially
consistent, but invisible drum kit. Drivers: Christiaan Zwanikken and Michael Raedecker.

Bow Gamelan Ensemble 1988 - 1992

Bow jubille

bow damned

A Damn Near Run Thing at London’s Jubilee Gardens in 1988.

Richard Wilson, Anne Bean and the percussionist Paul Burwell formed the Bow Gamelan Ensemble in
1883 and Dower worked with them from 1988 to 1992. The Bow Gamelan toured internationally and
created audio-visual spectacles, which fused performance, sound, pyrotechnics and sculpture into
large-scale, chaotic live events.

A Damn Near Run Thing 1988.

Archive image of the performance.
Ketford Barge


The Ketford barge at Waterman's Arts centre on the Thames at low tide 1989.

Dazzle painting by Sean Dower (after Norman Wilkinson). The Ketford barge was restored for
The Navigators, a series of live performances by the Bow Gamelan on the Thames, from Bow in
East London to Richmond in the West. The performers lived and worked on board for several months.

The Ketford, loaded with instruments opposite London's South Bank Centre.



The Curfew Recordings (1984)


The Curfew Recordings 1984 -
Link to info about 2013 CD release


The Curfew Recordings -1984

Recorded at a disused industrial site on the river Tyne in 1984 - featuring:
John Smith (then publisher of Interchange magazine),
Sean Dower (ex Death Magazine 52 & later of Bow Gamelan Ensemble),
John Mylotte (of Metgumnebone)

The Curfew Recordings were made inside a 10m tall and 26m wide, steel-plated
cylindrical structure, once used for bitumen storage. The instrumentation is acoustic
and the recordings are unprocessed (the space however adds a natural reverb).

Instrumentation included: bull roarers, spirit whistles, human thy-bone trumpet,
chimes, pipes, gongs, flutes, drums, projectiles, scraped and bowed objects and other
materials (glass, metal, bones and wood).

This is the first digital transfer of the original tapes to become available.

CD on Harbinger Sound (Harbinger 110)

Link to review by Idwal fisher


Death Magazine 52 (1982-1984)


2012 Archive release: Death Magazine 52 - double vinyl disc on Harbinger Sound



Sleeve notes:
"Between 1982 and 1984 Death Magazine 52 played around 20 shows mostly within the
Black Country region of the U.K. Sometimes they played under the name Spontaneous Human
Combustion which was the moniker they originally started out with. These recordings capture
the core group and its floating membership at various stages of their existence. Recordings from
the studio sessions and live sets, including playing to a a school hall full of teenage girls at 3pm
one afternoon, and as the final band to play at the legendary Equinox Event before the plugs got
pulled and the police arrived. The recordings are of a raw nature and should be considered as
historical documentation."

Review at: Heathen Harvest
Available at Second Layer and Volcanic Tongue

The full DM52 story will appear in the magazine As Loud As Possible #2.


Death Magazine Tape


......................Death Magazine 52 / SHC - Cassette tape 1983

Death Magazine 52 made provocative audio-physical performances using tape machines,
electronics, percussion, super-8 films and other visuals. The band often mislead promoters
to gain live slots at unsuspecting venues, which usually resulted in extreme audience reactions.

Flyer for the infamous Equinox Event, London Musician's Collective 1983.

Death Magazine 52 were a late additionto this early festival of noise music, which was dogged by
violence and complaints about the noise from local residents. The band Whitehouse were barred
from playing and D.Mag 52 invited their vocalist Phillip Best to perform with them. Best was
attacked on stage and a police raid halted the event shortly after. A recording of the aftermath of
the raid is included on the D.Mag 52 vinyl release on Harbinger Sound
in 2012 (see above).

Home Killing

Beached percussion 1982
Oil barrels washed up by an Atlantic storm in Pays Basque



Far from killing music, the cassette revolution allowed bands to distribute
their own material. Dower began experimenting with tapes, electronics and
percussion before joining the Midlands based band Death Magazine 52 in 1983.


Selected performance videos at: