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Witness Appeal Signs, 2010

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Witness Appeals
Witness Appeals Witness Appeals
Witness Appeals
Witness Appeals Witness Appeals
Watercolour and ink on acid free paper (320mm x380mm - framed)

These watercolours are based on sandwich-board style, vinyl lettering signs, which started appearing on the streets of London in 2002. The paintings might be thought of as urban landscapes and as t hey are in portrait format (like the signs they depict), they also act
as portraits of the people affected by or perpetrating the various incidents.

The signs have been quite successful in helping solve crimes, but quite unpopular with the public who live in the neighbourhoods concerned. A kind of public fatigue has set in with the signs, partly because they have become everyday and people often encounter them voyeuristically when passing through an unfamiliar neighbourhood.

In effect, they are tragic stories about actual people and tell us a lot about the cultural situation we live in. The language of these signs is quite specific and when collected together, the tragedy becomes intensified (as does the potential banality).


Witness Appeal

Metropolitan Police witness appeal sign - 2005


Hostage Situation, 2010

hostage framed


Hostage situation


Hostage Situation, 2010
Watercolour and ink on acid free paper, 37cm x 31cm (framed)


Hostage Situation, 2010
Based on a safety notice for post-office workers


Nothing Moments (Gobbledegook), 2008

For the book project 'Nothing Moments'.

Nothing Moments was launched at MOCA, Los Angeles in 2008, with exhibitions of the drawings taking place in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas.

Drawing 2 for 'Gobbledegook' (a short story by Tony White), 2008
Ink and spraypaint on watercolour paper, 20 x 28cm



Drawing 1 for 'Gobbledegook' (a story by Tony White), 2008
Ink and spraypaint on watercolour paper, (20 x 28cm)


Welbeck Court / Triffid Court, 2004
Welbeck Court /Triffid Court, 2004.
Rain disolved watercolour, 40 x 40cm

triffid court


Several members of the band The Triffids lived in Welbeck Court, London circa 1984-85
Exhibited in A Temporary Monument to David McComb, STUK Leuven, Belgium, 2004

See also: Sculpture - Music in Trees


Study for a Rain Disolved Watercolour, 2004
Drawing, 29 x 20cm

Reproduced in Vagabond Holes David McComb and The Triffids - published in 2009

Tree Outside My Window, 2002

Tree outside


Tree outside my window, 2002
Digitally painted drawing


Shootings, 1996
Drummer shoots
drummer shoots

Art student


Drummer shoots band mates, 1996 (with display stand on right)
Inkjet on paper (45x63cm)

Art student shoots dead three professors, 1996
Inkjet on paper (45x63cm)

Emergency vehicles, 2001
Emergency call  


police car

Based on the signage found on the roofs of emergency vehicles.
The reflective letters and symbols on these vehicles are visible from the air (even at night) and designate the function and identity of the vehicles. In the case of the police, the symbols can signify armed response units, traffic police or dog carrying units etc.

Emergency vehicle #1, 2001
Screenprint on paper 100 x 150cm
Exhibited in Century City at Tate Modern in 2001.


Emergency vehicle #2, 2001
Screenprint on paper, 100 x 150cm
Exhibited in Century City at Tate Modern in 2001.


Lemon Scented, 2008

Lemon scented, 2008
Ink jet on archival paper (50x35cm)


Insurance Policy Against Abduction by Aliens, 1996

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Insurance Policy



Insurance policy against abduction by aliens 1996
Official policy document on paper, 29 x 21cm

For 1 year the artist was insured for £40,000 against abduction by aliens.


Confusion Codes, 1994
  Confusion codes is a lithographic print edition.
It makes an analogy between Chroma Key blue and International Klein blue.
Confusion codes (IKB & CKB), 1994
Edition by Sean Dower and Tutti Quanti, Amsterdam, 52 x 72cm